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Hing Long Live Design Ltd. is a well-established design and engineering company for stainless steel products in Hong Kong. With owning a factory in Huizhou, China, it has built a team of professional engineers specializing in design and manufacturing stainless steel products for already a decade, in order to provide innovative, unique and high quality stainless steel products to its customers, and to provide engineering support to the construction industry. Stay close to the latest market change and innovation is our company's business philosophy. Innovative design, rich content and focus on life, are the three core values of our brand. By combining the bold ideas of new generation, the enthusiasm of new concepts and ideas, and the art of traditions Chinese culture in the present, we make products that can meet the different needs of customers. After a decade of hard work, we have developed into a professional team for stainless steel. Constantly developing about life style, shaping the design of product, and opening up a new world of steel art, are the driving force for Hing Long's continuous improvement.

Our wide range high quality stainless steel products include:

Household items, industrial and commercial supplies, hotel restaurant supplies, art sculpture, indoor and outdoor decoration, furniture, filing cabinets, mail boxes, door and window handles, fences, signboards, handrails, umbrella stands, kitchen cabinets, doors, gates, wine racks, umbrella stands, trolley products, screen, flagpole, TV wall, console, computer chassis and cabinets, monitor poles, environmental recycling bins, gifts, etc.

In terms of stainless steel engineering, we can provide support services like stainless steel plating, folding, etching, silk-screen printing, laser cutting, lathe stamping, mosaic, and so on.

In addition to the areas above, we also specialize in the development and production of stainless steel pet products, including pet cages, pet toilets, pet wheelchairs, pet bath trays, pet fences, pet bowls etc. Especially the stainless steel pet wheelchairs are very suitable for forelimb fractures, hindlimb fractures, forelimb spasms or degenerative arthritis. Using our wheelchairs can help pets to regain pleasure of life and also ease their owners’ worries about the lovely companies

With the bold passion of life and the unique ideas from trends, Hing Long has developed into a multi-functional enterprise and shaped the personalized lifestyle of its customers. Your support will drive our team to go higher and further.